Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two words don

being dragon."This is simple, totally have 20 small scaled airships on the airship, be used for doing a space task."Little Ya Shuo finishes, a rhombus airship has already stayed around Chen Ling Feng is in front.The whole small scaled airship looks general like 12 cool sports cars, who will thought of it can is the hover in space?", Look to seem to be very handsome!"Chen Ling Feng marvels a way.Two words don,t say that one of Ceng drilled into airship an inside, according to the hint of small friendship slowly*Zong rise.Good heavens, this everything that is how perfect, bottom of sea world!Chen Ling Feng NBA Jerseys secretly feels deeply about, originally water bottom is thus of perfect.The small scaled airship continuously shuttles in the coralline cluster, don,t fear to afraid of meet rejection the affair of ruining the ship.The small friendship in the brain still continuously introduces toward him see of living creature.Imitate a Buddha, she was naturally born general in the sea bottom."Is alas, regrettable it is late, I must immediately rush through to return to!"Chen Ling Feng is estimating to touch time be also getting more late and sigh of say:"Tomorrow I want to descend mountain and afraid of teacher have already finished tidying up thing for me at this time!""That let is return to now!"The small friendship says."Like, that hurriedly and first returns to female ship!"Chen Ling Feng is in response to the way."Need not, you forgot this small scaled airship to take a stroll a space, this permafrost each corner can go, just after coming back must add energy good.It can be different from a mother ship to contain its own energy system."Little Ya Shuo finishes, at present a bright, have already arrived crest in Mount Taishan to get empty at this time."That I next go to.How to do this ship?"The doubt way of Chen Ling Feng."Stop worrying, young master, I will give it the importation order to let it returns to of, after returning to the mother ship will handle!"Little Ya Dao."Boon, that I next go to!""Okay, young master, don,t forget to miss me."Little Ya Xi says with smile."Meeting of!"Finish saying, a stride of Chen Ling Feng after display light achievement nfl jerseys cheap from Gao of several meters empty land at ground.Is a spool of:City love fate chapter 3:Agreeable windmill"Teacher, I came back!"The person hasn,t entered temples, voice but ring out as the big bell."Breeze son, ran again last night where have been already gone to?"Teacher too of was full

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will I Forget You Tomorrow?

"Cause, everyone's got their troubles, I can show you.
You crawl, are you carrying the weight of our troubles.
Our indifference has destroyed you (Vultures)"

Today was a day like many others. Wake up, turn the computer on, and think about songs.
Walk, eat, and then work some more.
Sing, laugh, then shed a tear or two.
Because as of lately, everything seems to be hanging on a song.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Legalities of Life

Up above, the countertop, lives my motivation
if you brush off the cobwebs, you can see there's some artistic inclination
to want to write and sing and perform
to be able to share the hurt, pain, and the joy
But there are too many functionalities to account for
particularly when the inside cant connect to the outerworld
Is it time for a break or some quite contemplation?
To find the definition of this lack motivation,
I can not account for?
Perhaps, all I have to do is close my eyes and wish it so.
But my eyes are starting to feel heavy, its time for a pause.

Many activities in Bella land, trying to find the time to see it all through.
Up next, should be the premiere of our 2nd DIY video for the song "Try" from the Premonitions EP.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Take me with you,
as you call me so clearly,
everyone is laughing,
but Im feeling so sleazy.
there is nothing to wonder,
when you are fully awake,
is there anything to be,
if I sit here, scared.
And if you shall holler,
and call him, your own,
you'll always be searching,
dunk the ball in the hole,
so sit and pretend,
it all makes sense,
when the whispers they tell you,
to celebrate the new day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We've been cooking up a storm here at Bella Noir; cooking up a little feast of cool things, and new songs, and new things to do.
Sorry, we disappear off the face of the planet every few weeks or so. Life does get hectic.....I am sure you can relate.

We've got some shows lined up for the next few months. Also, working on booking some out of town shows. We'll be playing a benefit concert in Philly this summer...looking forward to that!

Now....just to change gears a bit.....Help to cut down in unnecessary consumerism...!!

I recently discovered this good website for getting rid of unnecessary catalogs you get in the mail. Do the planet and yourself a favor and visit, . Create an account , and if you know all the junk catalogs you get, search for them on their database and take yourself off their mailing list.

Every little bit helps.

Okay, back to music. ...

We are playing Fontanas tommorrow at 10:30pm,

Come on by.

See ya!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh Hi There.....

(photo credit: Jason Schorr)

So now that the CD Release is an afterthought, we move on to the next thing. But not first without some rest, we are all a little sleepy, alittle sick, a little tired.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out despite rainy, cold, dreary weather and danced their hearts with us.

We will be in touch much sooner than later.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We All Live In A Music Submarine

Regardless, what you think, we have not been lazy these few weeks that we have not written....really, truly, believe me. We've been busy doing things, many things, all sorts of things, things that you can't even imagine, school things, music things, love things, fight things, sad things, happy things, funny things, amusing things, creative things, vacationing in other countries things, things of things, just plain things.

We are happy to soon release to those that want to listen, our debut EP, Premonitions: 5 songs + 1 little medley.

Stand Closer
On the Floor
My Son

2 shows coming our way: Club Midway This Friday 10pm, you can buy tickets here: Bella Noir Club Midway 2/15.

Come and mend your broken hearts this Friday.

Most importantly CD Release is scheduled for Friday March 7th at 10pm at Pianos with a band called Figo.

Lots of things to do before then.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nothings Going To Come: Part II

And nothing came.

Myspace a bit of disappointment again...have not made any new musical discoveries in a while.

I know you are out there....come and get me...!

Band will be coming back from winter/holiday hibernation...moving on to phase 2. We will keep you posted.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Are Still Alive, We Are Still Alive, We Are Still Alive

Enjoying some much needed peace and quite.....last few weeks of this month have been a blur...holidays passed right by in a big mad whirl.

Distraction...has become a distraction from all other things....multiples of multiples of vocal performances for that song and not one that rings right....This song has become the last pain in the arse....

all others happily coming together, shall I dare to say, slowly, very s-l-o-w-l-y making their way to the mastering stage. Oh this would all be great.